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Bathroom Design

Ensure Your Bathroom Design Is First-Rate and Work With Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling NYC

Bathroom design is important, and in NYC specifically bathroom design should be approached seriously as NYC (more than any other place in America) has the most compact spaces in a small amount of area. But for those who want to embrace their creativity and let it shine through a custom bathroom remodel, knowing the ins and outs of bathroom design are important.

When you know the basics of bathroom design, you can approach the design and installation processes confidently. And when you elect to work with a high-quality team like ours, you can understand with ease what we’re doing and how you can help us deliver a first-rate finished product that you absolutely adore.

Want to learn more about why the expert designers from Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling are trusted throughout NYC’s five boroughs? Whether you live in Park Slope or Mill Basin, we can be there to provide Brooklyn custom bathroom design services that you’ll be able to recommend to friends, family, and neighbors.


NYC Residential Bathroom Designs Are Usually Minimalist

Modern homeowners prefer minimalist designs, and one of the best places on earth to see modern minimalist bathrooms is NYC. Whether you’re in an uptown apartment on the main island or in a thriving section of Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn, you can install a minimalist, modern bathroom with all the proper fixtures and furnishings to truly create a comfortable space that you’ll enjoy waking up to every morning!


Modern Bathroom Designs Are Preferred by Brooklyn Homeowners

Modern bathrooms can accommodate a lot of different fixtures and appliances, but the important thing is to keep things simple. A single towel bar next to the sink, wicker baskets, framed pictures, house plants, small pots and jars, and a rectangular bath rug are all items used in most modern bathrooms. Hardwood floors that gleam are popular in such bathrooms, but you could always substitute this for eye-catching bath tile.

Concerned about having to clean tile regularly? Cleaning tiles is easy and straightforward, and this is one reason why tiles are preferred over other surfaces like linoleum, wood, and plaster. Tiles are also germ-repellent, so it’s hard for bacteria and grime to grow on nooks and crannies, especially when tile cleaning is done regularly.


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