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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Turn Your Lackluster Kitchen Into a Vibrant Space With These Ideas

There are a variety of home-renovation tasks being pursued by homeowners these days, though one of the most popular is the kitchen remodel. The kitchen remodel is popular now as it’s always been, and second to the popularity of the kitchen remodel is the bathroom remodel. There are a variety of aspects one must consider when attempting a kitchen remodel, and this is one reason why consulting with an expert team is recommended.

Whether you have a luxury home with a complex kitchen or an economic home that has limited space, a remodel can completely transform your kitchen to make it an efficient, comfortable, stylish space that speaks to your tastes and values.

Brooklyn homeowners from Sheepshead Bay to Midwood trust Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling when they need help executing a first-rate home remodel, and our experienced and knowledgeable technicians have been providing best-in-class service for more than a decade.

When you want to ensure that all phases of a home remodel, from design to the finishing touches, go off without a hitch, it’s best to work with our qualified and reputed team. Below, we talk about some of the common home-renovation ideas that homeowners in NYC and throughout Brooklyn are choosing these days.


The Type of Wood You Use Says a Lot About You

There are many high-quality cabinet woods to choose from. Walnut is a hardwood, one that has a bold grain and a color variation of creamy-white and dark brown. Because of the color, walnut wood can be used in a variety of settings, from classic to modern and all in between. Modern walnut is considered high-end wood because it’s not usually as readily available as other wood types. It’s true, however, that walnut wood is easier to work with than other woods. To emphasize walnut’s true beauty, one must use it in their cabinets. The light finish and natural color variations are great for creating a consistent and classic look.

Maple is another popular hardwood, one that’s usually cream-colored and boasting of a fine and smooth grain. Maple is ideal in traditional, transitional, and contemporary settings, and it can be used in modern homes as well to accentuate a space. When using maple, you must make sure it accommodates door styles, finishes, and surrounding design elements. Maple is readily available and working with it is easy. Because it has a fine grain, maple can be stained or painted to achieve beautiful results. It also goes great with tiles!


Know how kitchen cabinets are constructed

Most kitchen cabinets are constructed using 1/2” plywood-box construction, and most are inclusive of beautiful matching interiors and sides. In most cabinets, hinges are concealed and adjustable. As far as strength is concerned, 3/4” plywood can be used to provide shelving strength. High-quality cabinetry is made using premium materials, including high-end wood, top-of-the-line fixtures, and expert craftsmanship. Customization should be considered during the construction process.


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