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Bathroom Vanities

Important Things to Know About Bathroom Vanity Installations

Bathroom vanities are often seen as centerpieces in modern bathrooms, and this is not only because these furnishings are eye-catching but useful as well. A bathroom vanity is a unisex fixture that individuals of all ages can use, and for years these pieces of fine craftsmanship have been delivering efficiency and visual appeal.

When you work with a first-rate home-remodel-design company like Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling, you ensure that every part of a bathroom-remodel project goes off without a hitch, including the vanity design and installation.
Read through the sections below to further understand why bathroom vanities are important and how our trusted carpenters and designers can help you install the vanity of your dreams.


Bathroom Vanities Can Be Customized

A main appealing aspect of bathroom vanities is that they can be customized to fit a buyer’s unique needs and preferences. Most vanities combine a sink, countertop, and mirror, and the majority of vanities being made today can complement a variety of decors. Vanities come in various sizes, finishes, and styles, and it’s largely for this reason that vanities can accommodate numerous bathroom decors, both modern and traditional!

Consider a vessel sink attachment for your vanity, as these are preferred across the world and especially in the West. Freestanding pedestal sinks are also popular these days. When designing and installing a bathroom vanity, remember to keep in mind lights, architectural styling details, built-in shelves, and unisex functionality!


Vanities Provide Ample Storage

Bathroom storage is often something homeowners can’t get enough of, and it’s wise to construct a vanity with storage in mind. If your bathrooms are going to be used by children and/or guests, extra storage space is a must. Manhattan Beach residents and those who live in Mill Basin trust us when they need first-rate bathroom-remodeling work done.


Vanities Can Go With a Variety of Decors

Since bathroom decors can vary drastically from home to home, it’s best to design and install a vanity that can fit well in a number of bathroom settings. Consider installing a Dutch Made vanity, for this brand is one that’s often recognized for its elite quality, luxury cabinet designs, and limitless vanity-customization options. It makes sense that their company motto is “Dream it or draw it, we can build it!” Their accommodating services have been much sought after in the cabinet-making industry for years, and we can ensure you get the vanity of your dreams installed quickly and without any hassles or unnecessary costs.


Why You Need Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling’s Installation Help

We specialize in vanity and bathroom cabinet installations, refacings, and refinishings. We also sell, design, and repair a wide variety of luxury cabinets. We provide our clients with 3D renderings, and we’re the professionals to contact if you’re looking for closet design, custom bathroom vanity design, custom bookcase design, custom entertainment center design, and a variety of other interior design services.