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Luxury Bathroom Remodel

Turn Your Bathroom Into Your Own Private Oasis With Help From Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling NYC

Many existing homes still include dull, boring bathrooms that really only serve the practical purposes they’re built for. Many would consider this reality unfortunate, especially since even the most uninspiring bathrooms can be brought from blah to beautiful in a short amount of time and for not a lot of money. For most homeowners, the bathroom is their first destination after waking up in the morning, and therefore these spaces should be warm, bright, and invigorating to help one start their day on the right foot.

Today, a growing number of homeowners want to spare no expense and create bathrooms that are worthy of being called at-home spas. But a luxury bathroom remodel is no DIY task, and in order to ensure your remodeling process—from design to installation completion—is seamless and free of hassles, it’s paramount that you work with a leading high-end home remodeling company like ours.

For years, Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling has been a trusted name in the custom home remodeling industry, and as our name implies a lot of our business is done in the popular borough of Brooklyn. Here’s more on why hiring our team to execute a luxury bathroom remodel is a great decision.


We’ll Design a Custom Bathroom and Include High-End Fixtures

What separates a luxury bathroom remodel from a basic bathroom remodel is largely attention to detail. In other words, when one is remodeling a bathroom with the purpose of making it as extravagant, comfortable, and spa-like as possible, they are inclined to pay attention to every little detail in order to ensure all areas of the bathroom are perfect. Our design team is great for individuals who view the remodeling process in this way, for our detail-oriented designers can provide the precision and reliability necessary to ensure all your designs are clear, unique, and free of flaws.

Whether you want heated flooring or remote-controlled bathroom fixtures, we can accommodate your preferences. Want to mix marble and natural stone while contrasting these materials with high-end wood furnishings? We’ll help you create a bathroom you love waking up to!


Our Expert Craftsmen Will Provide Best-In-Class Service

Some design remodeling companies out there will look really good on paper, but when it comes to installation they leave a lot to be desired. This is not the case with us, for we’ve been only employing top NYC craftsmen since our company was founded many years ago. Whether you need best-in-class plumbing, electrical, masonry, or carpentry work to ensure your bathroom remodel goes off without a hitch, our team of experts can be there with the comprehensive services that’ve made us a leading name in the industry for years. We’ll explain our process so you have a clear picture of what we’re doing, and this is so you absolutely love the finished product on completion day.


Getting in Touch With Us for Luxury Bathroom Remodeling

Send an email to or call 646-933-5555 to discuss your unique needs and requirements with one of our experts!