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Modern Bathroom Ideas

Pursue a Bathroom Remodel Confidently and Use These Modern Ideas

One can do a variety of things to upgrade the rooms in their homes, and this is one of the main reasons why home-remodeling projects are so popular nowadays. Whether you’re remodeling a garage, kitchen, bathroom, attic, basement, porch, or outside furnishings, it’s best to remodel with an eye towards modernity, as this will help ensure that your designs and selected products last a long time and look good all the while.

When savvy homeowners want to ensure that their home-remodeling projects, specifically those that involve bathrooms, go off without a hitch, they hire expert teams like ours. For years, we’ve been providing NYC residents and those who live in popular areas of Brooklyn—like Manhattan Beach, Park Slope and Mill Basin—with all the home-remodeling expertise and proper procedures that you’ll need to make your bathroom remodel an informative, enjoyable experience.

Read through the sections below and consider the modern bathroom remodeling ideas we’ve put out. These include points related to tiling, cabinet design, and lighting fixtures, three important facets in all modern bathrooms.


Volcanic Tiles and Sea-Blue Tiles Are Adored

Red and orange shower tiles are preferred by those who want to make a bold statement with the tiles they use. Often used to create volcanic vibes or the spirit of a raging fire, these tiles are great for those who want to be invigorated in the mornings.

Blue is a popular modern bathroom color for many reasons. When most individuals think of blue, they think of the sky above, vast oceans, deep-blue eyes, a variety of fruits, and gas fires to name a few common examples. Most homeowners and business owners that use blue shower tiles are doing so because they want to re-create either an oceanic setting or one that imitates the sky.

For example, if you’re going to create a sky-themed bathroom, then you can intersperse white tiles throughout the rows of blue tiles to create an image of clouds rolling through the sky. You could also design things in a way that makes the center light on the ceiling seem like the sun.


Remember That Bathroom Lighting Is Important in the Modern Model

Every time you walk into your bathroom in the morning, you first reach for the light switch. Updating your light fixtures and creating bathroom spaces you can be proud of are two goals worth pursuing. The furnishings you have in your bathroom will influence your bathroom lighting design. Vanity light bars, for example, optimize the light in your bathroom and come in a variety of multi-light styles. When making a vanity selection, keep in mind that a minimal pedestal sink will probably allow a fixture with up to 3 lights while a 2-sink vanity will leave enough space for an 8-light vanity light.


Brooklyn and NYC Remodelers Should Utilize Minimalistic Concepts

Embrace minimalistic concepts whenever possible during your bathroom remodel—you’ll save time and money when you do so, and these concepts look great too! You can reach out to  Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling by emailing us at or call us at 646-933-5555! We’ll help you get a modern bathroom oasis designed and installed!