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European Kitchens

Why Modern Homeowners Are Still Falling in Love With Euro Kitchens

For many years, homeowners were pursuing kitchen-remodeling trends that went out of style in less than a year, and many would be left disappointed when designs once thought great were being called tacky and out-of-style. One kitchen style, however, has remained popular throughout the years, and this style is, of course, the European kitchen. Equipped with a variety of artisan features, designs, and finishes, this kitchen style has touches of modernity that are emphasized by metallic surfaces and sleek shapes.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling has been designing and installing luxury-grade European kitchens for years, and these days we’re helping homeowners from Park Slope to Mill Basin install European kitchen facets as part of a first-rate home remodel. Here’s more on the services we’re proud to deliver.


Expert Craftsmen and Designers Ensure Top-Of-The-Line Results

To execute the precise processes required during a modern European kitchen installation, you’re going to need an experienced team of tradesmen. This team should include plumbers, electricians, and (most importantly) expert carpenters. Bringing in a flooring specialist may also be a good idea, and a mason that specializes in countertops and/or tile installation is also worth considering.

When thinking about designs, consider that European kitchens have a lot to do with shapes, sometimes those that look inconsistent. Also, recessed lighting is important in this model. It’s best to work with an experienced team of designers; these professionals should keep up with the latest trends and design techniques.

To ensure your job gets handled in a timely manner and for a price that doesn’t break your budget, you should work with our reputed team. Our attention to detail, dedication, precision, and organization are all positives that’ve made us a trusted business throughout New York City, and for Brooklyn residents who live in Manhattan Beach, Midwood, and Sheepshead Bay specifically.

We are a leading home-remodeling-design company that provides best-in-class service across the board. Many of our team members have learned European remodeling styles from some of the best and most-well-known European designers, and they can bring what they know to NYC residents for a low cost.


Avoid European Remodeling If You’re Pursuing a DIY Project

A lot of time and energy are required to effectively execute a European kitchen remodel, and therefore one should not pursue this avenue if they’re going the DIY route. With all the money you’ll have to invest to construct a genuine European kitchen, your money will be spent best if you have experts who can get the job done right on the first time helping you. As it’s been said before, our team has installed European kitchens in the past, and our work speaks for itself. We’re reputed in NYC because we help homeowners’ creativity shine!


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