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Kitchen Design

What Homeowners Should Know About Kitchen Designs Before Remodeling

To ensure that your kitchen remodel goes off without a hitch, it’s best to hire an expert home-remodel-design team like ours. NYC residents in and around the Five Boroughs have preferred our company for more than a decade, and this is because we stay up-to-date on our practices, procedures, and technology use. For residents in some of Brooklyn’s most popular areas—including Manhattan Beach, Park Slope, and Sheepshead Bay—our services have been there in a pinch, and we’ve helped luxury homeowners as well as those operating on an economic budget.

If you want to know the ins and outs of kitchen design so you can install a unique, first-rate kitchen that’s reflective of your tastes, preferences, and values, our design experts are the professionals to get in contact with. Below, our team members talk about the kitchen design elements that can be used these days, and you should read through these to get a better understanding of what you can avail from our trusted company when you enlist our help.


Modern Kitchen designs

Modern kitchen designs have been popular for decades, and these days they’re even more popular as a lot of new elements have been added to the modern catalog. Modern kitchen design elements are mostly applicable in terms of appliance placement, lighting, and item storage. You can also add elements of modernity in your cabinet construction and placement. Some of the best kitchens, in terms of efficiency, are modern kitchens, and this is because these are outfitted with high-tech appliances and designed with ease of access in mind. To ensure that you have a modern kitchen designed and installed in a timely manner and for a price that won’t burst your wallet, get in touch with our reputed team. We’ve earned awards in and around Mill Basin and Midwood for our best-in-class work.


Traditional Kitchen Designs That Use Hardwood and Simplicity

One staple of traditional kitchens are rift oak cabinets. Rift oak, a preferred hardwood, has distinctive linear grain, making it ideal for both vertical and horizontal applications. Rift oak’s color variation contains beige and creamy tan, two colors that help bring out its distinct natural features. The grain and consistency make rift oak a popular choice for homeowners, and it’s great for both traditional and contemporary living spaces. It should accommodate door styles, finishes, and surrounding design elements as well. Lastly, it can be finished so that its natural beauty and linear grain are allowed to shine.


Center-Island Kitchens That Promote Togetherness

Another popular kitchen-design element that’s being pursued by a variety of NYC homeowners is the center island, and this is largely because this kitchen-design feature enables large familial kitchen use. Those who like to spend time together with family look to create a comfortable, inviting atmosphere in the kitchen, and therefore center islands are best for these individuals as they can install one and ensure the space is not only user-friendly but warm and inviting as well.